The Piki Piki Bike Toddler Ride-On

The Piki Piki Bike Toddler Ride-On Is Toy For Children Ages 18 Months To 5 Years. Helps Improve Coordination For Toddlers. No Pedal, No Batteries, No Assembly,

My husband and I are huge bicyclists. We bike everywhere! From the grocery store to my job, riding our bikes are a huge part of our lives. With that being said, I want to pass these good habits onto my children. Therefore, it is very important that our four year old daughter, Kimberly, learns to bike at a young age. I wanted a bike that I felt safe letting her ride around even when our baby sitter was watching her. I was pleased to find The Piki Piki Bike Toddler Ride-On in the toy aisle.


I surprised Kimberly with this hot pink training bike for her third birthday! Kimberly’s favorite color is pink, so she was really excited to take on this new toy. I was really impressed that I didn’t have to do any work on it when I opened the package.


The three wheels and plastic material made me feel safe about her going outside with it. Plus, it is very light weight, and the wheels have compression caps over them so even if she falls, I’m not too worried about the bike hurting her.


Kimberly has a great time biking around our backyard, the toddler bike makes it so easy and it is great training for her! Gosh, I remember the first time Kimberly got on the bike, we just couldn’t stop taking videos of her! It just looked so natural for her little legs to be moving in the way it was made. I thought I was going to have to peddle around her, but we skipped that entire process!


Kimberly has developed great balance and coordination thanks to the Piki Piki Bike. I only wish I would have got her this toddler bike earlier since it is holding up so well. I would highly recommend this to anybody trying to get their kids into sports at an early age, or anyone who wants their kids to learn how to have good coordinating and bike skills.


Whenever we have friends over, Kimberly loves to show off her hot pink bike. She is a bit selfish about letting them ride it, but when she decides to share, the kids are usually running around trying to keep up with each other. We have a play room, and I don’t mind them riding inside since it is plastic.

Our little cousin, Mason is only 28 months, and I was considering buying him the blue version! I can only imagine how cute they would be biking around with different colored bikes along side our family. With all that being said, I did find the price a bit steep considering children only end up using these bikes for two to four years. But, considering they are learning such vital skills at such a young age I suppose it is worth it!

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