Mega Bloks First Builders Farmhouse Friends Building Set

Mega Bloks First Builders Farmhouse Friends Building Set – With This Mega Bloks 43-piece Farmhouse Friends Building Set, You’ll Be Able To Feed The Chickens, Milk The Cows And Tend The Fields

There is nothing more important than the imagination of a child. The Mega Bloks First Builders Farmhouse Friends Building Set is the perfect toy to allow your child to learn hand eye coordination, imagination, and about the world around them.


Your child can build a barnyard with special blocks and even set up a fence for the cow and chicken to live happily at home. The farmer can use his tractor to go around the farm, taking care of the animals, bringing in the harvest, and doing any work that your child desires.


This building kit has all of the parts that your child needs in order to grow and develop. Hand eye coordination can be practiced with fence building, opening and closing doors and windows, and moving around the tractor. There are 43 pieces to the set for your child to grow and move around to create the farm of their desires.


While there are a lot of great building sets available, this is one of the best that you can find. It uses the ever popular Lego to make it easier to build up the product for younger hands while still staying durable for extended use. The bright colors and easy to use parts can appeal to children. There are no rules with the playset, allowing kids to use their own imaginations to create something they like.


Some of the things that I really liked about this kit include:

Lots of pieces—it is a bigger set with 43 pieces so my kids were able to play with it and change things up. Sometimes they use all of the pieces and sometimes they left a few out, but it offered a lot of opportunities.

Characters—there are a number of characters that come with the kit including the farmer, a cow, and a chicken. This allowed them to learn about how the farm works and bring real life to the building.

Tractor—my kids love rolling the farmer around in the tractor, even if they aren’t playing with this kit.

Durable—this kit has been thrown around the house many times and it is still in good shape and not bent up at all!

Lots of opportunity to learn—open the windows, move the farmer around, build the farm up to two feet tall, and so much more for a lot of learning.


Mega Bloks have been a popular toy for a long time and we have a few different sets of these in our home right now. Because these are so durable and my kids love them, I got this set to help them learn more about the farm and for a new toy to play with. I am glad that I did. It is easy to use, has a lot of great options all together, and has provided hours of entertainment. If you have used Mega Bloks in the past, you will not be disappointed with purchasing this set.

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