The Top 10 Best Drones For Kids

The Top 10 Best Drones For Kids

Over a few years drones have gone from highly specialized tools used by law enforcement and the military, to toys every kid wants. They are like the next step up from remote controlled helicopters, complete with the ability to do tricks and daring stunts, chase your friends, and film your antics. So chances are you have a kid hell-bent on owning a drone. But how do you know which one is right for your child’s age range or interests? Here are our top ten, with some hints and tips as to which child they may be suitable for.

Syma X5C Quadcopter equipped with HD cameras, 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro

This quadcopter is reasonably priced, does tricks, and has a camera. It is equipped to fly with great stability, to get you a high quality video shot, and it features a flashing light so it can fly at night time.

Perfect for: Younger kids who have some experience with drones or helicopters, who want to use it for filming.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Gyro 4 Channels Quadcopter Good Choice for Drone Training

This quadcopter is reasonably priced and easy to handle in all weather, day and night, even for beginners. It has a headless system, so it doesn’t matter if you get front and back confused.

Perfect for: Kids with limited experience who want to make the most of it.

DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV Drone with Wifi Camera Live Video Headless Mode 2.4GHz 4 Chanel 6 Axis Gyro RTF RC Quadcopter, Compatible with 3D VR Headset

This slightly more expensive quadcopter has a camera which is wifi enabled and VR compatible. It features a headless system, a split screen display, and can be controlled from 100m.

Perfect for: Kids with some experience who want to get amazing videos.

Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera RTF 4 Channel 2.4GHz 6-Gyro Headless System Black (Upgraded with Altitude Hold Function)

This higher end quadcopter is more expensive, but is well-equipped for long distance handling, consistent height flying, and comes with extra batteries.


Perfect for: Kids with experience who want to have great fun flying their drone and recording its path.

EACHINE E010 Mini UFO Quadcopter Drone 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis Headless Mode Remote Control Nano Quadcopter RTF Mode 2 (Green)

This mini drone is very cheap and easy to use. It is small and light, does some great tricks, but is simple for beginners. If your remote changes direction, it will follow. It has an in-built homing system.

Perfect for: The youngest kids, one and up.

DJI Mavic Pro FLY MORE COMBO Collapsible Quadcopter Starters Bundle

This top of the range quadcopter is more expensive, but comes with every feature you could possibly wish for. It has a 7km range, full HD wifi streaming, a form of autopilot that allows it to fly more precisely, a longer battery that lasts up to 27 minutes, and a load of spare parts.

Perfect for: The older, experienced drone enthusiast who wants it all.

REALACC H36 Mini Quadcopter Drone 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis Headless Mode Remote Control UFO Nano Quadcopter RC Toy RTF Mode 2 (Blue)

This is another reasonably priced miniature quadcopter, with spare parts included.

Perfect for: The youngest kids.

Rabing Mini Foldable RC Drone FPV VR Wifi RC Quadcopter Remote Control Drone with HD 720P Camera RC Helicopter

This mid-range quadcopter has a video feed that is wifi-enabled and VR friendly. It folds up safely so you can keep it in your pocket.

Perfect for: Your little amateur documentarian.

WIFI FPV Version U818A Drone with 720P HD Camera DBPOWER Headless Mode Quadcopter with 2 Batteries Long Flying Time Drone for Beginners

This upper end drone is easy for beginners to use, but also includes plenty of fun features. It has headless flight, does tricks, records and features wifi streaming. It also has spare batteries.

Perfect for: Advanced younger kids, or beginner older kids.

TOZO Q2020 Drone RC Quadcopter Altitude Hold Headless RTF 3D 360 Degree Flips & Rolls 6-Axis Gyro 4CH 2.4Ghz Remote Control Helicopter Height Hold Steady Super Easy Fly for Training. Black

This quadcopter is mid-range in terms of price, but definitely delivers in acrobatics. It features the headless system, 3D rolling, 360 degree flips, and 4 way flips.

Perfect for: Your little stunt person.

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