Top 10 Toy Sports Sets For Teaching Toddlers Sport

Top 10 Toy Sports Sets For Teaching Toddlers Sport From A Very Young Age!

Toddlers love to copy adults. They start out copying their parents, then other people in their lives, then the people they see on TV. So naturally a toddler in a sporty household is going to become interested in sport. But most sports equipment is too big and dangerous for small toddlers to learn with. Which is why we have smaller sports sets for them to practice on, to get them to the stage where they can play with the adults. Some of these toys are just for little kids, whereas others are for children as they grow older, and will adapt until they’re ready for full-size sports gear.


Soccer is a great sport, and popular the world over. It is also great for small children, as it helps train their basic skills, such as walking, balancing, kicking, running, jumping, and catching.

Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set

This is the only tiny soccer set you will ever need. It is the right size for most small children, and older kids and adults can join in too. It comes with a net and a ball, so get two if you want to set up small matches and teach them some proper rules.


Baseball is a fun game for small children. You want to start them on a T-Ball set, so they can practice hitting the ball hard and far and chasing it and catching it. Before you know it they will be playing with a soft foam set in the yard.

Little Tikes T-Ball Set, Red, 5 Ball Amazon Exclusive

This is the perfect first t-ball set for kids. It is just the right height for older toddlers, and the bat and balls are light and easy for them to use. Everything stores conveniently in the stand.

Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro 2-in-1 Tee Ball

This t-ball set grows with your child. It slowly increases in height and includes a bat guide for the smallest, clumsiest toddlers to learn.

Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Triple Hit Baseball Playset

This is another great one for as your child learns. Once they have mastered t-ball it has a pop-up pitch that fires balls one after another for them to hit. This will get your toddler ready for playing with you in the yard.


To many adults, golf can seem like a dull game. This is especially true of young adults. But for toddlers it presents a set of unique challenges in a new and interesting way, and is a game they can get good at even lacking the speed and strength of older children.

Little Tikes Totsports Easy Hit Golf Set

This beginner golf set is perfect for kids who are just working it out, with a wide, easy putt and two lightweight golf clubs.

Deluxe Happy Kids/Toddler Golf Clubs Set Grow-to-Pro Golfer 15 Piece Set- by EXERCISE N PLAY

This kit comes with a more normal putting layout, only with lighter clubs. There is also a range of different clubs for your child to learn the nuances of the game, and their own golf bag.


Basketball as a sport is loved by children of all ages and backgrounds. The running, jumping, stealing, tricks, and target practice inherently appeal to small children who want to be the very best they are physically capable of. Besides, as it’s popular the world over, many toddlers are exposed to it young and eager to learn.

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set – 3 Ball

This set is perfect for the absolute beginner. It has three slight increases in height and a sturdy base to get your kid used to dunking and throwing.

Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Junior Basketball

For something a little more advanced, consider this set. It has four height positions and a more dramatic increase than the last one. But it also has a guide for the ball for the smallest toddlers, meaning it covers the whole range.

Little Tikes Attach ‘n Play Basketball Set

This set is perfect for your kids’ bedroom. It attaches over the door securely and goes up to three different heights. The rim can be collapsed for opening and closing the door.

Little Tikes Adjust and Jam Pro Toy Basketball Hoop

Finally, as your child begins to progress beyond toddler this set varies from 4 to 6 feet high, giving them the perfect opportunity to practice actual throwing skills. The base is sturdier and you can fill it with sand for better support.

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