Tomax The Birth of Venus 4000 Piece Puzzle

Tomax The Birth of Venus 4000 Piece Puzzle

Our family always gets together during the holidays to put together a big puzzle. We usually stick to puzzles of about 1000 pieces, but when I saw how beautiful the finished piece of this puzzle is, I had to buy it. I think 4000 pieces is going to take us some time, but I love the bonding we all get from puzzles. If you or your family like to do puzzles, you will definitely be challenged with this 4000 piece puzzle. The colors on this puzzle are stunning, and I love the finished art. I am thinking of framing this after we are finished because it is so pretty. The puzzle is only $50, which I think is a steal for 4000 pieces. I know it will take us a good chunk of time, so $50 really isn’t bad for hours of entertainment for a bunch of different people.

Best Features

The colors on this puzzle are absolutely stunning, and it looks like a real piece of art. The puzzle measures 86 x 118 cm. The Birth of Venus is already such a beautiful piece of artwork, and I know my family will struggle with putting it together. It may not be the first choice of people with small kids because the artwork is a bit risqué. However, if you are a true appreciator of the arts, you will love introducing your child to such a classic and timeless piece.

What’s Included

When you order this The Birth of Venus puzzle, you get 4000 pieces. This all comes in a hard case like a board game box.


This puzzle has all the important elements from the classic art piece. The puzzle pieces are small, and it is a challenging puzzle. It will take multiple people hours to put together, but the reward is worth it. There is a lot of the same color throughout the painting, so it makes determining where the puzzle pieces fit a bit difficult. I had never tackled a puzzle this size before, but I was ready and determined to do so. Thankfully, I did, and the ending result it stunning.


This is not for the faint of heart. If you give up on things easily, this isn’t for you.

Final Verdict

I love puzzles, and if you love them as well, you will love this puzzle. The classicism of this puzzle is wonderful, and I love how small the pieces are. It is definitely for an older crowd, but parents can help little children if they would like. This is the perfect way to bond together this holiday season, and it makes a wonderful present for other families who love puzzles.