LEGO Elves 41077 Aira

LEGO Elves 41077 Aira Is One Of The Best LEGO Bulding Sets For Kids!

This is the perfect Lego set for both boys and girls. It is a cute set that comes with fierce fighters and pretty Pegasus horses. If you are looking for a toy that two kids can share, this is a great one to do so. It comes with 319 pieces, so there is enough to build for two. The pieces are also incredibly small, so the recommended age range is a bit older at 8-12 years of age. This Lego set is completely unique, and the blocks are a good addition to what we already have lying around at the house. The whole set is $28.98, which can be a bit more expensive than some, but for 300 Legos it really isn’t too bad.

here is a direct link to the LEGO Elves 41077 Aira video

Best Features

What you get to build on this is so fun. There is a cool windmill that has turning sails, an awesome fishpond, a cozy cave that locks, a magical Pegasus sleigh, and it comes with a rider for the Pegasus. Everything is made well, and it is tested by Lego to ensure the highest quality. You know this is a toy that will last for years to come, and you don’t have to worry about anything breaking on it. Your children will spend hours building this set, and then they will continue to play with it afterward. This will occupy their time for days on end, making it the perfect gift for winter break this year. The dimensions of the largest objects are as follows:

  • windmill measures over 5″ (13cm) high, 3″ (10cm) wide and 2″ (7cm) deep
  • Pegasus sleigh (with wings extended and 2 pegasi) measures over 1″ (5cm) high, 10″ (26cm) long and 4″ (12cm) wide

What’s Included

This set comes with over 300 pieces. You get 2 riders, 2 pegasus horses, a dragon, 2 cookies, a fish, lamp, map, signpost with the four elements, wind key and 2 power icons: wind and fire.


This set could easily be purchased for a boy or a girl. If you have a child who loves Legos, this is great to buy for Christmas. There are so many pieces included that a boy and girl could share this if you have two kids in similar ages. I love how cute the horses are, and the riders are very pretty. These pieces are all standard sized, so they will fit with other building blocks as well.


This set is hard to build for younger kids, so the parents may have to help out a little bit. Looking for other LEGO sets? click here.

Final Verdict

I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this product again. It works great, looks great, and kids will have a blast with it.