VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends Secret Blosson Cottage

Vtech Go! Go! Smart Friends Secret Blosson Cottage – Have A Spot Of Tea With Fairy Sunny When You Play In The Go! Go! Smart Friends Secret Blossom Cottage

The VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends Secret Blossom Cottage is an adorable toy. It features little characters who can go inside their little cottage and have fun with tea parties. You can buy more little characters separately to build the collection along with other little building so kids can make a little community. There are also smart pads included. When the little characters are on a smart pad they will light up and sing. When the little ones aren’t playing with the toy it can fold up and also includes an easy carrying handle. This toy requires two AAA batteries (included).


What age range is this toy recommended for?

This toy has a great age range. Companies have to take age into consideration because of safety. Don’t buy a young infant a toy like this because a lot of toys have small pieces that little ones can choke on. VTechs recommended age range is 18 months – 5 years. This means that little ones of many age groups could enjoy this. It also means that a child should be able to enjoy this and it won’t be a one-day type of burn out toy. They recommend to keep it away from children under 18 months due to possible chocking hazards.


What all does this toy include?

This toy includes: one little doll, the cottage and a little pond/swimming section. This makes kids use their imagination which is what children should be doing and they’ll enjoy it. Having a cool spot like the smart pad where the little characters do something special is also very entertaining to children. Children thrive when they see different colors and music. All of these things help a child develop and encourage brain activity whilst still having fun.



  1. Is this toy durable?

With this toy being made of hard plastic and intended for older children this toy can hold its own. (but is still not recommended for children under 18 months)

  1. Is this item easy to use?

This toy folds up, but it’s easy to unfold for kids. Once opened, children will know what to do or come up with their own way of playing. It’s a great toy for a developing imagination.

  1. What are the dimensions of this item?

20.94 x 17.28 x 12.28 inches

Would you recommend this toy?


All in all I think this toy is great. The price seems a little high, being $25, but a lot of these types of toys can seem pretty high. Once you see all that it can do, it might make it worth it! Children will enjoy this toy and learn and that’s what it’s all about.

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