VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends Twinkle the Magical Unicorn

VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends Twinkle the Magical Unicorn – Soar With Twinkle The Magical Unicorn From The Vtech Go! Go! Smart Friends Kingdom. Press The Enchanting Unicorn’s Buttons, And She Will Walk Forward

The VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends Magical Unicorn is a children’s toy that belongs to the VTech Smart Friends collection. She has buttons that make her walk forward, move her head and flap her wings. There are two MagicPoint locations that bring Twinkle and the Go! Go! smart friends to life. This means that they can talk and sing. If two characters are on a MagicPoint they can sing and talk to each other.vtech-go-go-smart-friends-twinkle-the-magical-unicorn-2

This feature is very common among the Smart Friends line of toys. This line also contains castles, palaces and little cottages. There are little friends that you can buy separately for about $10. Twinkle’s price is $30. Sometimes collections like this bother parents because they feel like they have to buy multiple parts of the collection before the child can use their part of it to the fullest.


This part of the collection though not only has Twinkle, but a little character along with her. That means that they can use more features because some features require to Smart Friend characters. There are a lot of things these toys can do when combined.On their own they might not be as fun as one may think. This Twinkle, on the other hand, has been known to bring many small children a lot of happiness. Which isn’t much of a surprise, given her color and capabilities.


Reviews have said that the Unicorn is the perfect size and even has the perfect amount of buttons and what not included. While Twinkle is mostly plastic, her mane and tail are actually made of cloth. Which is nice for those little 18 month old’s who like to still chew on occasion. It’s advised to keep these toys away from children under 18 months as a lot of these toys can pose a choking hazard. Back to the good stuff though!


Some parents wonder what exactly is included when they buy a toy. This toy includes Twinkle Magic Unicorn, Faity Prisma MagicPoint character, a gold carrot accessory for more imaginative fun. Twinkle, herself, also has buttons that, when pushed, will cause her to walk forward, move her head and flap her wings.


Other parents wonder what age a toy is really appropriate for. In reality, parents know their children best. It may say on the box that this toy is appropriate for an age, but it’s really up to the parents discretion. If you think your child would like this toy, but you’re a bit unsure, you could introduce your child to this toy before you purchase. You could show them the toy online or do a drive by view of it while you’re in the store.


All in all, this toy has a lot to offer and has sparkling reviews. This toy comes highly recommended by other parents and is truly worth a look if you think your child would enjoy this toy!

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