A Christmas Story Monopoly Game

A Christmas Story Monopoly Game

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There is nothing better than a good old fashioned game on Monopoly. There is also nothing better than watching A Christmas Story during the holiday season. When you combine these two things together, you get one of the coolest board games that will ever exist. This is everything you love about monopoly, with everything you love about A Christmas Story. You get to buy and trade your favorite locations from the movie, and the collectible tokens include some of the classic movie things like the leg lamp and fragile crate. Your family will enjoy spending countless hours playing this game, and it will be so funny to recognize everything from A Christmas Story.



Best Features

If you are going to play a board game during this holiday season, it should be a Christmas board game! This board game is everything you need to play during Christmas, and the pieces are unique and cool. It follows the traditional Monopoly rules, so everyone will understand how to play it from the start. It is just made better by including everything from A Christmas Story. This makes a great white elephant Christmas gift, and people will be rolling with laughter that this awesome game exists.

What’s Included

You get A Christmas Story Monopoly Game, fake money, collectible tokens, and the pieces needed to play.


If you are sick of the old fashioned monopoly, this is a great way to spice it up. It is hilarious to play with, and it is super fun to use the different pieces. To make this better you can play while watching the movie, and then the holiday spirit can really be felt. It is a funny board game, that is kind of a novelty product. Any fan of A Christmas Story will love to play with this, and it is a wonderful gift to give during the holidays.



To get this super cool board game, you will have to shell out some cash. This game costs $89.


Final Verdict

Even though some may say that the price is high, it is worth every penny to get the laughs out of playing this game. This unique version of monopoly isn’t seen very often, so you will have a fun and unique version of a classic game. If you love to play board games, this is perfect to play. Any fan of the famous Christmas movie will enjoy playing with this throughout the holiday season.

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