Disney Pixar Cars Treasure Truck Bundle

Sure to be a hit this Christmas season is Disney’s new Pixar Cars Treasure Truck Bundle. It has all the fun things that kids love. The toy bundle comes with the much beloved Lightning McQueen color changing car that kids will have hours of fun playing with.

The Stunt and Splash large red firetruck’s roof opens up to reveal a hidden water tank. Kids can use a cup to pour water into that holding tank. The hose in the back of the firetruck really does spray water.

The launching ladder attachment that fits onto the back of the truck holds the car securely while kids use the hose to spray the car. Once the water hits the car, it begins to change color right in front of their eyes.

This same attachment can be taken off the back of the firetruck and placed on the side to create a ramp. Kids can then place the ring of fire in front of the car and use the propelling action to vault the car across the truck.

If they don’t want the car to speed off on whatever surface it lands on, they can attach the other ramp and the car can travel down that instead. Both of these ramps can be fit together to create a longer ramp, which gives kids many ways to play with the set.

Once the ramp is fit together, it can be placed upright in the back of the firetruck to propel the car down into a tank of water. The set has two different tanks. One is used to hold cold water and the other one holds the warm water.

When the car is sprayed with cold water, it’ll turn blue. But if kids dunk the car in the warm water, it’ll return to the original red color. Besides changing the car’s colors, kids also have a lot of fun using the set to pretend to be a firefighter.

They can spray water at the flames and knock down the fire using the truck’s hose. Two vehicles are included in this set. One of them is the color changing one while the other one is a collectible and comes in the color gold.

This vehicle doesn’t have the same color changing ability. Kids can use their imagination with the set to spray the cars or send them flying into the tank of water. They can also launch the cars high or practice some of Lighting McQueen’s amazing stunts.

The toy offers hours of play time and the set can be expanded by buying more color changing cars. This is a great Christmas gift for 2021 for kids who are at least 4 years old.