LEGO Classic Around The World 11015 Building Kit

One toy has stood the test of time when it comes to engaging the imagination of children – LEGO sets. The bricks in the sets help children to develop their fine motor skills.

Playing with these toys, kids also learn about working together with others when they have friends or family members who pitch in and give a hand at putting together one of the creations.

The toys also help kids to be patient and to be resilient when it comes to figuring out how to put the pieces together. As they build their LEGO sets, kids aren’t just putting little bricks together.

They’re creating entire worlds and going on adventures. They’re traveling to new lands for adventure or building communities. When they complete their set, they gain confidence as a by-product that they were able to finish the task and solve the puzzle of how everything was supposed to fit together.

This holiday season, you can add to your child’s world of imagination by giving the gift of the LEGO Classic Around The World set. In this kit, you’ll be able to let your child have fun while learning about the many animals and things that can be found around the world.

Kids will be able to use the set to put together a bald eagle. Or they can build a colorful palm tree. They’ll also be able to build a kangaroo along with the little joey. For an animal that’s a little more ferocious, they can build the brown bear in the set.

There’s a cactus they can create, or they can build the red bus. There are other pieces of transportation to build, too – like the boat or the airplane. If your child likes things that swim in the water, he can build the crocodile or the orca.

But if he prefers things that fly, he can put together the parrot. For kids that like lions, there’s one of those to build, too. Kids who love to put buildings and houses together will be thrilled that this set includes an Asian style home.

In total, there are fifteen ideas that kids can build with this kit – and they can have hours of fun doing it. Along with the extra bricks, they can build all kinds of things. The set comes with a colorful continent map so that as kids build the creations, they get to locate the place in the world where the animals or plants are naturally found.

You can unleash your child’s creativity with this gift. It comes with 950 pieces and this set can be used in combination with other LEGO sets, too. The set comes with a building guide and can be used by children four years old and above.

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