Hot Wheels New City Speedway Track Set Review

Hot Wheels New City Speedway Track Set Comes With A Double Layered Track That Will Keep Your Kid Entertained For Hours!


With the Hot Wheels New City Speedway Track Set, you get high speed with a double layered track to build and play. Build up your Hot Wheels racing system with the New City Speedway Track Set for hours of occupied fun for the speed race lovers in your family. It features a crazy pattern with a disguised breakaway wall for the ultimate crash testing.


Product Information

-Recommended Ages = 4 to 10 years old
-Track set dimensions measure 15 x 2.5 x 10 inches.



Product Features


Track set which includes:

-1 disguised break-away wall
-1 automatic launcher
-1 hand-controlled traffic control gate
-1 high-speed uphill and downhill track sections each
-1 professional raceway directional stickers pack
-2 lifts for uphill trackway section
-7 exclusive Hot Wheels track system connectors

Vehicle which include:
-1 fully-assembled Hot Wheels vehicle

Accessories which include:

-1 finishing touches stickers pack


Plus Points


1.Super compact speedway makes it easy to set up in any area! It can quietly be placed on a small table or tucked into a corner or shelf for quick and easy access. It’s not big or bulky, so it feels like a space saver in the game or toy closet. For families with spacious backseats, it may even be eligible for a highway trip. It can easily fit in an open seat next to the child (or adult) who wants to play and have easy access to the entire track.
2.The track is exciting for appropriately aged children and may prove especially interesting for children with special needs and strong propensity for repetition or repetitive motion. This allows a sense of mastery and accomplishment in any budding learner.
3.The game is quiet! While a breakaway crash wall is one of the features, there are no annoying crash sounds or loud racing noises.
4.Two people can race on the speedway together.



Things To Consider


1.While it may be a plus point for those interested in a mobile or quick go-to toy, the track is a little small in comparison with other tracks.
2.There is only a single vehicle included in this speedway, but any other Hot Wheels (and most other similarly sized vehicles) can fit the track. Another Hot Wheels vehicle can also be hidden or “stored” inside the traffic control gate.
3.While 2 people can race on the track, there is only a single lane. Passing is done with the help of the traffic control gate and launcher race attachment.
4.It can be a really great addition to a larger Hot Wheels track collection, but it is not designed to connect with other tracks. It is a stand alone speedway.



Product Summary


Hot Wheels is known for their multiple racetrack systems and speedy (not to mention cool looking) vehicles! Here is one more speedway track system to add to the collection. It’s affordable, compact, and super speedy fun with special features like an up and down track with launcher and traffic control gate. Two racers can play on the track and the first one through is free to pass the starting point while the second racer is stopped in the traffic control gate.



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