LeapFrog My Pal Violet Review

LeapFrog My Pal Violet Is Educational And Fun For Babies!


Learning and fun – these are two of the things that are possible with the LeapFrog My Pal Violet. This toy can be easily connected to a computer and can be customized based on your personal preferences. There are preinstalled tunes and you can download additional music. This snugly pal is both interactive and technologically-advanced, perfect for atoy to have in the rooms of kids. For babies aged 6 to 36 months, this toy will surely be entertaining, in the same way that it will be educational.



Product Features


  1. You can have different options to have it personalized. Just connect it to a smartphone or tablet and you can configure the settings as preferred.
  2. Teach your child his or her name. With Violet, your child indeed has found a pal. The toy can learn the name of your child and can have it spelled.
  3. Install more than 40 songs. The toy already comes with 5 pre-installed songs. If these songs are not enough, you can download more songs from the music library. They include soothing lullabies, which will help to put your baby to sleep quicker.
  4. Take advantage of various learning activities that are possible with the toy. Parents can have it connected to LeapFrog Learning Path to download a selection of learning activities.
  5. Compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, or Android. It can be connected to different devices, making it a snap to personalize and to download music and learning programs that will help make the toy more functional.


Plus Points


  1. Customizable Based on your Preferences: One of the good things about the toy is that it can be personalized. You can make the toy say the name of your baby, as well as favorite animal, color, and food.
  2. Easily Accessible Controls: The controls located on the paws of this plushy toy will be easy for babies to access. Once pressed, it can play soothing sound that will surely make them feel relaxed.
  3. Cute and Huggable: From the first time that you glance upon this toy, you will surely love how cute and huggable it is. Unlike other toys for babies that are made from plastic, LeapFrog My Pal Violet is stuffed.
  4. Fun and Educational: Some toys are fun. Some toys are educational. LeapFrog My Pal Violet is a combination of fun and educational.



Things to Consider


  1. Limited Music: While you can download music, the problem is that you will only have a limited selection.
  2. Lots of Wires: When you open the toy, you can see lots of wires from the back. This means that you cannot have it washed once it is in need of thorough cleaning.



Product Summary


In sum, LeapFrog My Pal Violet may not be perfect, but it is one of the highly-rated toys in online reviews. While it has its fair share of drawbacks, the benefits are more dominant. With this toy, fun and learning can be possible. It offers options for customization, providing parents with a certain level of freedom.



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