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Lego Is Now The Largest Toy Brand In The World

Legos have been a popular kid’s toy for about 82 years. Since that time Legos have undergone a few changes and still remain one of the best kid’s toys today. Here is a look at the different types of Lego toys that are available for children in 2016 – and beyond.

Lego City Sets


In the past, Legos were sold in basic sets and children had to use their imagination to construct different objects. Starting in 1960, the company introduced plastic blocks. These plastic blocks gave children more freedom with designs and creations. The Lego City sets would be an end result of these new type of blocks.

Lego City sets are now a hot selling item in 2016 for this product line. Parents can purchase Lego sets that represent city services such as police and fire departments. They can also get their children the Lego airports, cargo trains and the construction site editions. A parent can buy all of these different sets and have their child put them together to create the ultimate Lego city full of adventure and excitement.

Lego Dimensions


Lego Dimensions is an updated and futuristic way for children to play with Legos.Dimensions are the electronic version of Legos. This particular set of Legos comes with three figurines known as telepods and software. Children can take the telepods and place them against a game screen to transport a character into the game. This type of technology has taken the Lego franchise in a whole new direction.

Lego Software

Lego software is all about building creations on a computer screen. While the software version of Legos is not hands on, it does allows children to build creations that would require a huge amount of time, resources and knowledge to complete. The software version of Legos are not as messy as the blocks and kids have more options in terms of gameplay, features and building. Also, kids can use animated Lego figures to help build and operate their creation while using this software.

Lego Superhero Sets


Legos had started to decline in popularity during the 90s and the 2000s. However, they made a big comeback in the 2010s. Superhero sets started to emerge around 2011 and when they did they helped to bring back the Lego line with a vengeance.

Lego superhero sets includes the Avengers, Batman, Superman and Spiderman. Kids can now play with their favorite superheroes in the form of Lego action figures. A child can build their own arenas for superhero action and lead their superhero teams to victory.

Lego Ninjago


Lego Ninjago is a popular cartoon series featuring Lego ninjas and it is also a video game and play set. This set features four ninjas and their master as they battle against the forces evil. Ninjago toy sets have been a big hit during the holiday season since 2011 and still continue to sell well.

Keep in mind that the Ninjago sets are mainly designed for little boys but the company has also included a female character as well. They also have made a female Ninjago character to make the set more compatible with females. These are some of the most popular and modern Lego sets to date. Many of them will be around in the future to bring kids a great playtime experience the Lego way.

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