Learning Resources Counting Cookies Review

Learning Resources Counting Cookies Is Educational Learning Tools For Toddlers Ages 2-6!


Learning Resources have been making high quality learning oriented toys since 1994. They have a charming range of clever learning tools for all ages, especially younger toddlers. The Counting Cookies are aimed at 2-6 years old and, like many of their products, it has hidden depths and is smarter than it seems.


The visuals of the Counting Cookies are immediately appealing and eye catching. They look delicious! And how cunning of the designers to create a toy that entices a young child to it with cookie treat visuals. They have produced a range of products that employ the same trick, the Smart Snacks range. They are made of soft plastic two inches wide that a child can put in its mouth without damage. The toy is attractively and securely packaged making it ideal for postage.



A very young child can play easily with the cookies by simply putting the cookies in the jar and taking them out, a surprisingly fun activity for a two year old. The older they get, the more the math element of the toy comes into play.


The cookies have a number of plastic chocolate chips on the top of the cookie that corresponds to a printed number on the underside. This creates an instant association with the number and the chocolate chips which can be counted by the child and this helps to establish the relationship between numerals and quantity.



Simply reversing the cookie immediately reminds the child of the numeral even if they are not counting the chips. These can be used in constructing games to play with a child for example getting the child to arrange the cookies in ascending order in a line or guessing the number of the cookie drawn out of the jar or asking the child for the numerical and letting them find the corresponding cookie.


The fact that the zero cookie is present gives the adult a great way to introduce the concept of zero. They can also play at cooking the cookies or eating the cookies with other toys. The jar is a really nice touch. It is sturdy with a realistic attractive design, about seven inches high and has a lid that is easily removable with tiny hands. The tactile element of the toy is so very pleasurable and immediate, it seems to have been designed to emphasize the sense of touch in learning. The toy makes math a part of the background of the child’s life and not something to be afraid of or drilled into them.


Learning Resources Counting Cookies


Smart Snacks Counting Cookies is a very reasonably priced toy that you could potentially get years of use out of, after all they are pretty much indestructible and easy to clean. Counting and play is beautifully smoothed over with this toy and its durability is a large part of its value. It is of course a limited tool but it does one thing and does it well. Suitable for a teacher in a playgroup or personal use. If it is not played with for long it will be played with frequently.


Learning Resources Counting Cookies


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