MEGA Bloks

MEGA Bloks Are Interactive Children’s Toys For Preschoolers, Kids

MEGA Bloks has achieved worldwide popularity for their fun, interactive children’s toys. The line offers a range of construction-related toys, many of which can grow with the child who plays with them as they learn and develop. The product is fun, interactive, colourful, and the toys are sure to keep young children entertained for seemingly endless hours.

Most children who grew up with MEGA Bloks products in their toy room started with the classic set: the MEGA Bloks Classic Buildable Bag. This bag is stocked to the brim with sixty different blocks in a primary colour scheme – red, blue, green, and yellow – and both promised and delivered hours of entertainment to children across the globe. The blocks are the perfect size for small, child-sized hands to build and create. The set is also compatible with other MEGA Blok sets, ensuring that the Classic Buildable Bag will grow with each child as they learn and understand more of the world around them.


The MEGA Bloks CAT Little Dumptruck is another popular addition to each home’s MEGA Bloks collection. The brightly coloured yellow truck provides children with seemingly endless hours of amusement and joy. The CAT Little Dumptruck allows the child to perform the actions of a real-life dumptruck. The MEGA Bloks CAT comes fully-equipped with its own set of blocks (perfect for dumping!) and a small dumptruck driver figure in MEGA Blok style. This Little Dumptruck has been a classic favourite among MEGA Blok users and collectors for generations.

Another classic MEGA Blok creation is Dylan Dump Truck, which is closely related to the MEGA Bloks CAT Little Dumptruck. Dylan Dump Truck is extremely colourful, with delightful happy faces on the face of the truck and the truck driver as well. Dylan Dump Truck is compact, fitting perfectly into small hands, and the dump truck bed is able to lift and dump the accompanying blocks. Like the CAT Little Dumptruck, Dylan Dump Truck is extremely popular in the MEGA Bloks collection.

Finally, the MEGA Bloks 3-in-1 Play ‘n Go Table is also an extremely popular MEGA Bloks product. This multi-functional table offers a seemingly endless variety of playtime possibilities, and folds flat for easy transport for families who are on the go. This product is truly fun for the whole family! The play options available on the Play ‘n Go Table offer both entertainment and educational value for the child, and adults too will love to join in the fun as they watch their child learn and grow with this table. Additionally, the table can grow with the child, as additional block packages will work with the Play ‘n Go Table.


Each MEGA Blok product is unique and entertaining in its own right, and the product is sure to offer something for everyone. The popularity of MEGA Blok products continues to increase with each generation.

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