Nerf World’s Best Toy Guns for Kids

Nerf been around for a long time and there is no way to mistake them for anything else when you’ve played with them before. They are located in many locations which I will mention where they are in this article. Kids and even adults play with the guns. It is fun for all ages and it is why the Nerf Guns are still around.

Nerf are known for making toy guns that are safe for anyone to play with without getting hurt. However, Nerf Guns are made out of plastic but the bullets are made out of styrofoam. It is a way to make it safe to shoot at people that are at least 8 or so to play with it. When playing, it is important to not aim at “sensitive areas” that are not meant to shoot at. Nerf have different gun series such as the Elite Mega and Zombie Strike.


There are numerous ways to have fun with them which you can either be inside or outside of the area. For example, playing at a park. There are more than enough space to play with people as well as the area to run in at. Parks and outdoor areas are great to play the Nerf guns with when the weather is warm.

You can find them at Target, Marshalls, Wal-Mart and Toys R Us. They’re a few examples. Places such as Goodwill and Value Village tend to be a lot cheaper because people donate them for free. You would find bullets that either do or do not match with certain gun series. However, it is a risk to find them at thrift stores since they do not have the complete set for certain gun series. If getting a complete set doesn’t matter to you, it is worth a shot. It is the cheapest route to find any extra sets of it or replace what’s lost.

If going to the store to get the Nerf Guns is not what you want, going online might be your thing. You can find them at a cheaper rate but the Nerf Guns at thrift stores will always have them at the cheapest rate despite that a complete set is impossible to get while shopping around. Another idea is to combine going to the store and online to work for you by knowing which gun set to get as well as getting the cheapest deals you can find.

As you can see, the Nerf Guns are popular despite what year it may be. People of all generations appreciate and enjoy what they bring to the table which is making life more fun with the guns instead of seeing things as boring and serious to live with while playing with the kids. Kids have imaginations and we have the ability to obtain that too as an adult. You will have fun with the people that you love without spending a lot of money to have fun because experience matters more than obtaining more possessions.

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