Nintendo Is One Of The Largest Toy and Gaming Companies Who Specializing In Electronic Media And Kids Toys

You might not realize this but the ultra-successful Nintendo video gaming company used to be a card and toy company before specializing in electronic media. Currently, Nintendo primarily produces video games but they also make plenty of toys for kids. Keep reading to find out about the different types of toys that Nintendo makes for consumers.

Mario Toys for Kids


Mario and his sidekick brother Luigi are two of the top selling characters in the Nintendo game line. Mario is the face of the Nintendo franchise and he is used to make a variety of toys for kids. First up are the video game titles that Mario appears in.

Mario is a playable character within his own video game series Super Mario World and he also makes appearances as a playable character in other Nintendo video games. Mario can be seen in Donkey Kong, the Yoshi series, Dr. Mario, Mario Paint and the Mario Sports series.

Mario’s character has also been used for stuffed toys, action figures, figurines, paint pages, coloring books and sports balls. Mario is by far the leader of the Nintendo franchise and if there is a toy that is being created by Nintendo, he will usually be selected as the model.

Lots of Yoshi Toys for Kids

Yoshi is the fun and lovable dinosaur in the Nintendo war. He appears within the Mario series and he has his own games as well. Yoshi also appears in other video game titles featuring the Mario World characters. Yoshi’s character is often used in play sets and in throw around plush pillows. His likeness is put into Nintendo based board games as well.

Luigi has a Toy Line Too


Luigi is not always used for Nintendo based toys. While he is not as popular as his brother or Yoshi he still is a very recognizable character within the franchise. The reason why Luigi gets a lot of press has to do with Mario. These two are a team. So, when we see Mario, Luigi is not far behind. Luigi dolls, racing cars and sticker sets. Luigi toys are more coveted than Mario and Yoshi because they are not as common.

Nintendo World Telepods and Amiibos

Nintendo sells video games where characters can be transferred into the game. These are called telepods or Amiibos. These figurines are designed to look like specific characters. When a player places them onto a mobile device screen, they can instantly transport that character into the game. Nintendo characters such as Zelda, Wario and King Koopa are different types of telepods or Amiibos that can be used for this purpose.

Board Games Featuring Nintendo Characters


Nintendo characters are also used in board games. There is a game board version of Donkey Kong and there is also a Super Mario chess set. Nintendo has also created a Zelda board game that was based off of the popular video game. Other Nintendo personalities such as Donkey Kong, Diddy, Candy and Kirby are other well-known characters in the franchise.

Other Nintendo Products