Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Figure Forest Mission Captain Phasma Review

Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Figure Forest Mission Captain Phasma Is Perfect For Star Wars Fans!


The Star Wars The Force Awakens Forest Mission Captain Phasma 3.75-Inch figure is the perfect toy for Star Wars fans, young and old. Standing at 3.75 inches high, it’s a Star Wars action figure in the classic style, perfect to add to your collection or for a new fan to start theirs with. The Captain Phasma action figure is made for compatible play with all other 3.75 in Star Wars action figures. It comes with metallic colored Stormtrooper armor and a black cape with red trim. Captain Phasma is accessorized with an ivory colored blaster and a buzz saw that can be combined with weapons found in the Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren action figure packs (each action figure pack sold separately) to create a bigger and even more powerful weapon for more fun, playtime options.


Product Information


  • Manufacturers Recommended Age = 4 years of age and up
    • Total number of pieces = 3
    Product features
    One 3.75 in plastic action figure which includes
    • One ivory colored blaster
    • One buzz saw
    • Instructions


Plus Points


  1. Accurate Details: The Forest Mission Captain Phasma is made true to the character design from Star Wars The Force Awakens. It accurately captures the look of the character, making a more believable universe to save from the power of the Dark Side.
  2. Interchangeable weapons: The weapon accessories that come with Captain Phasma can be used by other 3.75 inch Star wars action figures. Likewise, most weapon accessories used by other Star Wars action figures are compatible for use with Captain Phasma.
  3. Diversity: The character of Captain Phasma is a woman. Boys and girls will enjoy having more female action figures with dynamic characters to include in their play.
  4. Consistency: The new line of Star Wars action figures continue to be made by Hasbro, which ensures that all the characters and vehicles will continue to be compatible with each other.


Things to Consider


  1. Pose-ability: The cape on Captain Phasma is made of a semi-stiff plastic which will limit the action figure’s ability to move and to fit in the cockpit of some of the vehicles in the Star Wars universe toyline. Also, Star Wars 3.75 inch action figures are known for having balance problems, and for not standing up well.
  2. Small Parts: The weapons accessories for Star Wars action figures are notoriously easy to loose. Hasbro has, from time to time, sold replacement packs of weapons, but there’s no guarantee they’ll do so with this line.
  3. Price: The price for each action figure in The Force Awakens toyline is approximately $10.99 (actual prices vary by retailer) meaning that while an individual toy may not cost much, buying the whole cast of the movie becomes a substantial cost.

Product Summary


The Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Figure Forest Mission Captain Phasma is a well designed action figure that fans of the movie franchise will love. It follows in the tradition of the previously produced Star Wars action figures made by Hasbro, and while a bit pricy when bought with other figures, is worth the cost to dedicated Star Wars fans.



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